With the side panels being so thin - be sure to leave quite a bit of meat between the holes you drill as the side panels may push in.

DSC05565.JPG (2066450 bytes)

There are 13 different vents for this sled - You can order one vent or all of them depending on what your sled needs. 

Check them out!


New Bottom vent covers the "Nike Swoosh"!  See below

Rev Installed
    RT 1000

Side Vent - goes exactly where your sticker is on the side of the sled - Huge vent offers maximum venting - We do recommend removing stickers.

      Knee Vent - Goes where your knee is on the side panel.  Has a rib so your knee doesn't go through.  We also recommend using a holesaw to leave some meat to the panel.
      Top Vent - This vent replaces the pop up venting that is provided stock on your side panel
      Front view





Side View





    ZX Chassis

photo courtesy of littlesnowmobiler from SnoWest forum

photo courtesy of Marty Munroe, Barrhead, Alberta